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Took a group to the Sunderland MFA Bowling. We played on game of bowls and did this as a healthy competition basis. The group consisted of 6 children from various ages and backgrounds, all children felt socially included when they were in the community and being engulfed in conversation with each other. One of the children said ‘I am over the moon I won Chris, because he’s the manager and I thought I couldn’t beat him but I did, I am very impressed with my score because it was very high – It was a 142 and I only beat him by 1 point’

Nicholas & Toni Bowling

When the activity had finished the group went for a drive over the New Spire Bridge in Sunderland as the children had never seen this before. When talking in a group on the way home the children said they would like to do this activity again and they enjoyed being in the group they were in as they liked being out with their friends and felt comfortable being around them. Arrived back at Luke’s Lane so the children could have their dinner and relax – Then went in to the sports hall to finish of the day by playing football.

We try to branch out to do new activities weather this be for the Saturday Club or throughout the week with our adults who attend Holder House C.I.C and we branch out to the community by our Facebook page.

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