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Saturday Club Make Some Sweet Treats!

13th October 2018 – Cooking & Nintendo Wii


A group on the Saturday club worked in the kitchen today, started out by washing hands and talking about the general health and safety when being in the kitchen. Some of the children had a great concept of what the health and safety initials, SB said washing hands is very important before touching the food to get rid of germs and NS said we have to use aprons. When beginning the cooking we prepared the cake mix into the bowl and all took turns to grease the pans with butter, adding the eggs to the mix and water. One by one each stirred the mixture to make it nice and smooth to add it into cake tin. When this was done they poured the mixture into 3 tins and then placed in oven with support from the staff. cooking 2

After the cooking the group tidied up the kitchen, wiping benches etc and then decided they wanted to get their lunch. After they finished their lunch, the group went into the sensory room to play on the Nintendo Wii to have some healthy competition playing the games; Bowling, Tennis & Boxing. One of the children said that they thoroughly enjoyed this activity because they do not have a Nintendo Wii at home and they love playing on different technology.

DP washing hands

After this had finished it was time for the children to go home and be dropped off by staff or be picked up by their parents.

If you’d like to know more about our Saturday club or any other of the great activities we off at Holder House, please call us on 0191 489 2358 or email us at info@holderhouse.co.uk

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