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Art Exhibition

We have been working every Tuesday to produce work based on the theme ‘Under Water’ –  Our work has been published within Seaham hall gallery and we are overwhelmed with the response we have had from our clients and the general publicdownload

Learning Disability Week Triathalon 2019

Learning disability kick started off with the group attending the triathlon at Haven Point in South Shields then to the New Crown for a buffet and presentation

Tuesday Funday

Crafts on the morning exploring new ideas to make masks with our volunteer Julie Ann. Speaking about animals and the new animals we’re getting for the allotment
Then a life skills course exploring new factors of communication and looking at a news NVQ that the gang are involved with. We do this with Sarah Jolley – A teacher from – Training in Care/The Care People who we work in partnership with !


Take a look at our facebook page to find out more…



Friday 8.2.19

Friday group participating in a session of cooking. This is where we cook a 3 course meal for the staff and people – We made garlic bread, spaghetti bolognese and for desert cake and custard! I wonder what we’ll make this week…

Finished off the day with a game of walking football. All members being involved and having a part to play in this.

Every day is different at Holder House CIC and we strive to make our people happy



January 2019 Has Arrived At Holder House C.I.C


3 weeks into January 2019! Can you believe it??? Exciting things are happening at Holder House C.I.C – New Activities, new projects and even more spectacular new members that are accessing Holder and joining the team.

Here is a snap shot at what we have been upto in the new year…
To find out more of what Holder House C.I.C has to offer take a look at our  facebook page.Group shot off people at holder tinyAnita using play doh TinyDarrin Gibbons Tony

Saturday Club Make Some Sweet Treats!

13th October 2018 – Cooking & Nintendo Wii


A group on the Saturday club worked in the kitchen today, started out by washing hands and talking about the general health and safety when being in the kitchen. Some of the children had a great concept of what the health and safety initials, SB said washing hands is very important before touching the food to get rid of germs and NS said we have to use aprons. When beginning the cooking we prepared the cake mix into the bowl and all took turns to grease the pans with butter, adding the eggs to the mix and water. One by one each stirred the mixture to make it nice and smooth to add it into cake tin. When this was done they poured the mixture into 3 tins and then placed in oven with support from the staff. cooking 2

After the cooking the group tidied up the kitchen, wiping benches etc and then decided they wanted to get their lunch. After they finished their lunch, the group went into the sensory room to play on the Nintendo Wii to have some healthy competition playing the games; Bowling, Tennis & Boxing. One of the children said that they thoroughly enjoyed this activity because they do not have a Nintendo Wii at home and they love playing on different technology.

DP washing hands

After this had finished it was time for the children to go home and be dropped off by staff or be picked up by their parents.

If you’d like to know more about our Saturday club or any other of the great activities we off at Holder House, please call us on 0191 489 2358 or email us at info@holderhouse.co.uk

Holder House Saturday Club Access Community!



Saturday Club


Took a group to the Sunderland MFA Bowling. We played on game of bowls and did this as a healthy competition basis. The group consisted of 6 children from various ages and backgrounds, all children felt socially included when they were in the community and being engulfed in conversation with each other. One of the children said ‘I am over the moon I won Chris, because he’s the manager and I thought I couldn’t beat him but I did, I am very impressed with my score because it was very high – It was a 142 and I only beat him by 1 point’

Nicholas & Toni Bowling

When the activity had finished the group went for a drive over the New Spire Bridge in Sunderland as the children had never seen this before. When talking in a group on the way home the children said they would like to do this activity again and they enjoyed being in the group they were in as they liked being out with their friends and felt comfortable being around them. Arrived back at Luke’s Lane so the children could have their dinner and relax – Then went in to the sports hall to finish of the day by playing football.

We try to branch out to do new activities weather this be for the Saturday Club or throughout the week with our adults who attend Holder House C.I.C and we branch out to the community by our Facebook page.

Holder House wins Best of South Tyneside Award

 19th September 2018

We are delighted we won the aware for ‘Greener Spaces’ at the Best of South Tyneside Awards 2018. This really makes our jobs worth while. We want to thank everyone who voted for us and the ongoing support we receive.  Take a look at some more pictures of the night on our Facebook page
 Best of southtyneside award 23 At Holder House C.I.C we strive to be a passionate group when working with individuals with physical, mental and health needs along with individuals with learning disabilities around and in South Tyneside.

Without our people, staff and volunteers we would not be in the position we are today and for this we are eternally grateful for the opportunities we have been given for Holder House C.I.C to reach the highest of limits, but we are not stopping there. Holder House is an ever-growing organisation that wants to give back to our people and our community and we do this by constantly looking for different ways we can better ourselves in what we offer the community.Chris & Victoria Best of South Tyneside Awards


New toilet for Holder House

A TEAM of budding builders are putting their skills to the test to help a popular South Tyneside community garden.

Apprentices from Carillion have started on a new disabled toilet block for users of the Holder House Allotments in Whiteleas, South Shields.

The construction giant, which is working on the nearby South Shields Community School, donated the manpower and equipment for free after hearing about the plight of those who regularly attend the site, some of who have learning difficulties.

Holder House project manager Chris Convery said: “Having a toilet like this will make the site more accessible to other people with disabilities.

“At the moment, we only have a portaloo which is no good for those in wheelchairs.

“We are so grateful for the help Carillion are giving us.”

The community garden has been on its current site at Holder House for the past two years, and offers a varity of users – including people with learning and physical disabilities, the elderly, and local schools – the chance to go and learn about horticulture, boosting their confidence and gardening skills.

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Grant of from Coalfields Regeneration Trust

In August 2011 we were awarded a grant of £4650 from Coalfields Regeneration Trust. This will help us to run our courses in Animal Husbandry, Health and Safety and in particular keeping hens.

This will be a ten week course and if you would like more information please get in touch with us here.

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