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Holder House Directors

Our Directors

Chris Convery: Managing Director

Chris Convery - Project Manager

After a varied and interesting career in construction, manufacturing, professional driving and four years in the armed forces I found my place in the world and the passion in my heart, helping people with challenging behaviours, learning difficulties and disabilities. Whether it’s in teaching, care, or respite support I bring a huge sense of motivation, competence and skills into my work at Holder House, the Community Interest Company (CIC) I helped set up in 2008

Holder House CIC is a social enterprise designed to offer training, education, and workplace environments or as a place to simply relax. Our beneficiaries include people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health issues, autism, the elderly and local schools. We help groups understand each other’s difficulties, promote equal rights, independence, choice and inclusion. The support is built around the individual’s needs.

We work over 7 days, including running a Saturday and Sunday club for adults and children who access this using their personal budget “direct payment”

I’m accustomed to building great teams, just like the one here at Holder House. I believe in helping everyone realise their potential for maximum benefit to themselves, our clients and the CIC, which rewards me with a successful and cohesive unit of dedicated individuals

My responsibilities include applying for appropriate funding for projects and I have been very successful in securing this on numerous occasions. I manage the funds to ensure they are put to best use for all stakeholders. I’m also responsible for the overall operations of our Community Interest Company, ensuring it meet the needs of the people attending, that our staff are DBS checked and continually trained to meet the demands of the service.

In 2012 I was awarded for South Tyneside Council Innovator of the year.
in 2013 I was a finalist in the Pride of South Tyneside.
In 2016 I was a finalist for the staffing awards in the “Pride of South Tyneside”



 julie anne

Julie Anne Parsons: Director

Julie Anne Parsons has worked within the International business and creative industry since 1992.  Her most recent formal role

was in a Managing Director capacity of a lifestyle branding company in London, however since then she has returned back to

the North East.  Julie Anne brings her decades of experience to inform and support Holder House CIC across a range of

disciplines including helping to drive company strategy, building its brand and promoting its Centre of Excellence.

She has also utilised her time as a Senior Principal Lecturer at University of the Arts, London to deliver National Lottery art

and animal therapy programmes to Holder House Clients, Julie Anne recently engaged them in an art exhibition at Seaham Hall Hotel,

County Durham, where she is their Artist in Residence.


In 2016 she graduated from Sunderland University with a Masters in Fine Art, and has since began to work in a personal capacity with

clients that experience mental health challenges.  Julie Anne ‘gifts’ her meaningful art to support their journey in recovery.  She plans to

enrol upon a PhD programme soon, to formalise research into this field of study, with the intention that findings and outcomes can be

utilised by Holder House CIC. to continue her investment in the company.


Phil Brooks: Director






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