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Training and Activities for people attending Holder House

We offer a wide range of training courses and activities here at Holder House. Many are work based learning programmes offering opportunities to train in café hospitality, animal husbandry, horticulture, woodwork all with potential work experience placements.

Some of our courses are about essential living skills helping you to learn to live more independently, travel with confidence and generally help make your own life a little bit easier.

If you need any more information on your eligibility to attend Holder House, please talk to your social worker first. Then get in touch with us for advice on what we may be able to offer you. (links to ‘Join Us’ page)

Work Based Learning

Our work based learning courses offer you the chance to develop skills that may lead to employment opportunities or help you in running an enterprise business.

Arts and Crafts

Creativity and artistic expression is wonderful for building self-esteem and demonstrating the kinds of things you’re capable of making. Learning different arts and crafts with us helps you identify which ones you are really good at. You may become so skilled at making things you may be able to give them as gifts or sell at craft fairs.

You will learn to use different craft and design materials, combining them to create an art or craft item. You will learn to use different types of tools safely and use the correct personal protective equipment necessary.

We offer different craft activities from floristry, upcycling, card making and cake decoration. You may be able to take one of the following qualifications.

Our Courses:
Get in touch to ask about the courses and training activities listed below. We work in partnership with Training in Care,Tyne Coast College and other training providers who can provide certificated qualifications to meet individual needs.

Learning to cook is practical and fun. Many of the ingredients are freshly grown in our community garden by our very own horticulturists.

In our practical cookery courses, you’ll learn how to plan, prepare and produce meals from scratch using a variety of cooking methods, working with seasonal produce. You’ll learn about health and safety in the kitchen and food safety and develop excellent cooking skills.

Not only do you learn to cook delicious meals for yourself and others in our community training kitchen, you will be able to learn about café hospitality. You may decide a job in catering is something you would like to try.

Horticultural Skills

Growing things, like flowers for pleasure, or vegetables for food, is an important skill. Not only can you grow your own food or flowers, you may grow enough to start a business and sell any surplus to others.

In our Horticultural Skills training you’ll get a practical introduction to the horticultural sector. Learn to recognise and grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. You will also learn how to control the pests and diseases that attack plants, maintain and repair the hand tools you use and cultivate plants from cuttings and seed.
The vegetables you help us grow are used in our community training kitchen, but our main aim is to provide supported work for vulnerable adults and to promote healthy food and eating by getting people involved in the growing process.


Learn how to recognise and use the correct hand tools and construction materials for different projects. Develop skills in handling tools, making and repairing things using different types of wood and other materials. Essential workshop health and safety to minimise risks. Practical skills useful for small projects around the house, in the workplace or working for yourself.

You may even join our team of crafts people who manufacture the garden furniture such as bird boxes, garden seats, planters, etc., that we sell as part of our enterprise work.

Small Animal Husbandry

Our small animal husbandry courses help to prepare you for a range of careers in animal care. Success in this topic means we can help you progress to further qualifications and improve your career opportunities. Preparing you for work is important in our animal care courses. We offer work-related activities and work based experience to help you develop the skills and confidence to go to a worthwhile career in the animal care industry. The animal care industry offer potential jobs in businesses like pet shops, dog boarding kennels, cat boarding shelters (catteries), training and grooming animals, animal welfare charities, wildlife parks, On our small animal husbandry training, you’ll learn to look after many different species of animals, including Hens, rabbits, and King Charles Spaniel. As well as gaining valuable experience when interacting with the different animals, you’ll learn how to take care of their unique needs

Computers/ ICT

Technology and computers are great – if you know how to use them well. Being able to use computers is something most employers look for. Computing skills also help you run your own business and make life easier.

You will learn the basics of using a computer for word processing, internet research and emails.

Skills for Living

Everyone needs to develop skills for living, working and socialising with others. Our courses and project based learning will help with your personal development, how to deal with daily life, being in social situations and working in groups. If you need any more information on your eligibility to attend Holder House, please talk to your social worker first. Then get in touch with us for advice on what we may be able to offer you.

Independent life skills

It is a joy to be able to do things for yourself. To not have to wait for someone else to do the things you need. We support your development of independent living skills. Learn how to cope in organising yourself, completing necessary tasks and looking after your own well-being.

Travel Training

Delivered by our trained staff and in partnership with Training in Care, you will learn to plan your journeys and travel independently, or with family and friends, using different types of public transport. Whether your journey is by bus, tax or train we will help build your skills and confidence to travel to your destination and return safely home.

Team Building

Many of the real projects you will be working on will need you to be part of a team. This will give you the chance to achieve team building qualifications. You will learn the importance of teamwork, how to solve problems and resolve conflicts. Probably most importantly you will learn how to become an effective team member.


“What a fantastic local resource. Fantastic staff that adapt to all abilities, friendly and so a relaxed environment. Well done you are all doing a fantastic job”

Lindsay Walton

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