And just that like it’s 2022… Over the past year our team at Holder House have worked hard to ensure we are providing a safe, suitable and robust service for our clients. We are so proud how far we have come and want to reflect on the past year…

❗️Another difficult year with Covid-19 restrictions. On a positive note we have made some very good partnerships with other organisations within South Tyneside and outside of the borough. We want to thank Arts4Wellbeing, PRS Inclusion and Training Servicesand Ocean Choices CIC for mutual support throughout the pandemic and weekly teams meetings to share new challenges and new ideas we can use throughout all services, Training in care for providing top quality courses for our clients and staff to progress within their learning and development, Lukes Lane Community Association for providing a base for our Holder House team.

❗️Accessed new activities such as life skills and travel training

❗️Developed an activity matrix with over 50 activities to follow and progress into

❗️Helped our very own team members progress into new and exciting qualifications they can take into everyday life. For example, level 5 management.

On a whole the team at Holder House have grown and are able to reflect on how we can progress further to make sure we are giving a 5 star service. Have a great new year for 2022 and keep watching our page for new information from us…

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