Bitter Sweet Day

At Holder House our day was a very bitter sweet session, as it is our lovely member Paul’s last day at our service.

We’ve had tears, tantrums, laughs and a roller coaster of emotions over the last few years. We went through a global pandemic and as a service we faced it together putting our people at the heart of everything we do.

Paul has brought so many memories and amazing times to Holder House and for that we are so thankful his family chose us as a service for him to attend.

Paul is the most kind, caring, sweet spoken man you will ever meet and we are going to miss him so dearly. He is going to be a massive miss and we will cherish the times we have shared with him.

From the bottom of our hearts we are blessed to have been apart of Paul’s life and glad we provided him with an extra family.

So a farewell to our family member Paul, our volunteers, clients and staff love you so dearly! ❤️

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